DUS Kahaniyan – a curse to the living: IN PRODUCTION

With the means of Dus Kahaniyan; a Dance and Drama production the studio aims to resuscitate our Audiences (both on site and off site), and Participants (from an array of Schools, Colleges, NGO’s and Corporates) of the Evils that are deeply seated yet unheeded by our Industrious Society.
Dus Kahaniyan is a dance and drama being directed with partaking of 1000+ participants that include not only students from various Educational Institutions, NGO’s but also Parents and Professional artists.

Snow White and 7 Dwarfs: UPCOMING PRODUCTION

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, the story of a lonely princess living with her Stepmother; the plot revolves around the hardships faced by the princess in pursuit of a life that she deserves. 
This Disney magical fairytale has played an eminent role in everybody’s childhood. Studio 7 Creative Arts wishes to spark the childhood memories of all and with this very dictum in mind, we have come up with our new Theatrical Production Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs.


Ali Baba and Forty Thieves

Prepare to be dazzled as all the wonder, excitement, triumph, and treachery of the Arabian Nights come vibrantly to life in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves which is to be performed by over 200 students of the age 9-11 years at the Shri Ram Center.
One of the most familiar of “Arabian Nights” tales describes how the life of honest Ali Baba and his greedy elder brother Kasem changed when they met forty thieves in a forest.



Based on Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book of the same name, Matilda follows Matilda Wormwood, a bright little girl who immerses herself in books. Matilda is discarded and belittled by her parents. Reclusive, but with an ever-growing imagination and sharp mind, and with a caring protector in her teacher Miss Honey, Matilda dreams of a better life, daring to take a stand against unjust forces and to grasp her destiny in her own, tiny hands.
Director Abhimanyu Singh Rathore transforms the stage into a playground on which a talented group of over 150+ kid-actors’ reigns. Irresistible songs like the sweet “When I Grow Up” and the ripping “Revolting Children” don’t pull any punches, and the catchiness of the music is matched by Abhimanyu’s snappy choreography.
You’ll root for Matilda as she struggles to find the strength to stand up to the bullies and overcome the obstacles. You’ll delight in rediscovering the magic of a musical theater and savor a stageful of great performances.



A high-energy, graceful symphony, coupled with dance, played entirely on frenzied dance performances.
There’s no traditional narrative; a group of 60+ students of Blind School (trained by Studio 7) along with 500+ students of the Studio find new life by this unique combination of serenity and dance.

It is a journey through dance and a celebration of the everyday.


Annual Productions of Schools and Colleges

The Millennium Group – Dharovar - 300 students
The Bal Bharati School – House Production - 600 students
DPSG International – La Faute Udaan Zindagi Ki – 500 students
DPS Ghaziabad – Peter Pan – 300 students
KR Mangalam – Charlie and Chocolate Fctory – 2000 students
ICG Jaipur – 3000 students
Ramjas College (DU)
Maitreyi College (DU)

Corporate Shows


A glittering ceremony in recognition of fashion retail excellence was hosted by Neha Dhupia
Attended by the top honchos and celebrities the Images Fashion Awards (IFA) set the stage on fire by ‘MUFTI Live’ followed by an enthralling performance by UK Vocalist Cara Jane Roberts.
Blending the dance forms of Broadway jazz, tango and contemporary style, Abhimanyu Singh Rathore presented a dance musical depicting the evolution in fashion and its subtle imprints on personalities. The entertainment also included a comedy act by none other than Vinay Pathak.


Car Distribution Ceremony and Annual Day of TRG
Technology Resource Group is part of $1B group with 4 global centers and 1000+ employees, founded in 2004, TRG is headquartered in Chicago, it holds presence in Delhi and NCR.
The Annual Show of the company where a total of 27 cars and other goodies were distributed among its performers of the Quarter; had various Dance Performances and Fashion Show choreographed by Studio 7. With participation by over 300+ IT Professionals the show was indeed a great hit.


SAGE Publications India
SAGE—The worl­­­­­­­­d’s leading independent academic and professional publisher celebrated its 50th anniversary at the TAJ PALACE, New Delhi.
The event opened to a speech by Mr. Stephen Barr, President, SAGE International followed by an engrossing speech by chief guest for the evening Prof Renu Khator, Chancellor, University of Houston.

Reminiscing about the journey and growth of SAGE, Stephen Barr, President SAGE International who himself has been at SAGE for almost 30 years said “SAGE's transformation from a new start-up in 1965 to being one of the world's leading academic publishers in 2015 is extraordinary and unique.